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Augmented Reality (AR) creates an enhanced view of the world. It can overlay new objects, real-time information or customise everything around you. The products of your imagination can be transported from your mind to your eyes. It’s not magic; it’s AR. 

Use Cases

Property Marketing

360 Tour

Virtual Property tours

Potential buyers can easily navigate through properties, view rooms from different angles, and better understand the property’s layout and size.

Interactive Floor Plans

Bring static floor plans to life by overlaying them onto the physical environment. Buyers can view floor plans through their mobile devices and see a 3D representation of the property, including room layouts, furniture placement, and spatial dimensions. 

Floor Plan

Virtual Staging

AR can transform empty properties into digitally furnished and decorated. Buyers can visualise different furniture styles, colour schemes, and interior designs. 

Real Time Property Information

Access details about features, materials, and upgrades by pointing their devices at specific areas or objects. 

Customisation and Personalisation

Use AR to visualise modifications, such as changing paint colours, flooring options, or kitchen designs. 

Increased Buyer Engagement

AR significantly enhances buyer engagement by making property marketing more interactive and captivating. The immersive nature of AR experiences grabs buyers’ attention and keeps them engaged throughout the property exploration process. 

Cost and Time Effiency

Buyers can explore properties remotely, eliminating the need for multiple physical visits and reducing travel costs. For sellers, AR reduces the need for physical staging and allows properties to be showcased to a wider audience.

Interactive Hoarding

Interactive Hoarding 1

Dynamic and Interactive Content

AR enables displaying of dynamic and interactive content on hoardings, captivating viewers with engaging visuals and compelling narratives.  Passersby can interact with the hoarding, triggering animations, videos, or interactive elements that bring the advertisement to life. 

Enhanced Brand Awareness

By incorporating branded AR experiences, such as virtual product demonstrations, interactive games, or immersive storytelling, you can engage with viewers in a memorable and impactful way. 

Gamification and Interactivity

Turn passive viewers into active participants. Incorporate AR games, quizzes, or challenges into the hoarding and encourage viewers to interact and compete. 

Real-time Data and Analytics

You can track viewer interactions, engagement levels, and demographic information, to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, optimise your content, and tailor future marketing strategies. 


Product Visualisation

Customers can see how a piece of furniture fits in their living room, how a painting looks on their wall, or how a car complements their driveway

Virtual Try-On

AR empowers customers to try-on virtual products and see themselves wearing different outfits or experimenting with various makeup looks. 

Interactive Product Demonstrations

Disassemble and examine the intricate details of a complex machine, rotate and zoom in on a 3D model, or see a visual representation of how a product works. 

Virtual Showrooms

Give your customers the possibility to browse through virtual aisles, explore product collections, and interact with virtual sales assistants. 

Enhanced Product Knowledge

Let your customers access videos, reviews, instructions, or 3D models that enhance their understanding of the product’s features, benefits, and potential applications.

Customer Engagement

AR-powered games, quizzes, or interactive elements can be integrated into shopping apps or websites to entertain and educate customers while showcasing products. 


On-the-job training

Allow employees to learn and practice new skills in real-world environments. AR can create virtual step-by-step instructions that overlay the work environment, guiding employees through the real-time training process.

Interactive equipment maintenance

Employees can learn how to perform maintenance tasks on complex machinery in by creating virtual overlays highlighting specific parts of the equipment and providing step-by-step instructions.

Hazardous environment training

AR can be used to provide hazardous environment training, allowing employees to learn how to respond to emergencies and dangerous situations in a safe and controlled environment, such as a fire or chemical spill.

Soft skills training

Provide soft skills training, such as customer service and communication skills. It can create virtual scenarios that simulate everyday workplace interactions, allowing your employees to practise and improve their soft skills in a safe and controlled environment.

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