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Our long-standing relationship with several key players within the automotive industry empowers us with the expertise we need to help you.


The Challenges for the automotive Industry

The automotive industry was one of the several sectors hitted by the shortage of critical components and the vulnerability of global supply chains. This production slowdowns forced some companies to suspend operations temporarily.

Consumers are looking for immersive and memorable experiences, pressuring the companies to innovate and develop new technologies. There is an increased demand for more sustainable and environmentally friendly vehicles, increased safety features, and advanced technologies such as electric and autonomous vehicles.

Automotive industry is a highly competitive sector, with established players and new-comers struggling for market share. This competition is driving companies to invest in new technologies, creating challenges in terms of pricing, marketing, and branding.

How can we help

Design and Prototype

We can create immersive and interactive virtual car models, helping designers and engineers evaluate and refine their designs and prototypes. That’s a more efficient and cost effective way than traditional physical prototyping.

Training and Simulation

Driving conditions or emergency situations can be simulated with our extended reality (XR) solutions. These tools enable drivers, mechanics, and other automotive professionals to train in a safe and controlled environment.

Sales and Marketing

We can use Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) to create immersive and engaging product demonstrations, allowing them to explore and interact with cars in ways that traditional marketing methods can’t achieve.  

Maintenance and Repair

We create tools to provide remote assistance to mechanics and technicians, allowing them to diagnose and solve problems more quickly and effectively

Customer Experience

Our Extended Reality (AR) solutions can provide virtual tours of vehicles, offering the possibility to explore and customize different features and options before their purchase, creating a more engaging and immersive experience.


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