Transform Your Space Into An Immersive Experience

Welcome to the forefront of digital innovation with our Matterport 3D virtual tour and capture scan services. Revolutionise the way you present, explore, and interact with physical spaces. Perfect for Event Planners, Facilities Management, Design & Construction and Property Markers seeking to elevate the way they showcase their spaces. 

Turn your physical location into a worldwide exploration

Our cutting-edge Matterport technology turns any location into a global experience. Allow clients, customers, and stakeholders to immerse themselves in your space from anywhere, at any time. Transition from the limitations of static photos to interactive exploration that inspires action.

Utilising advanced LiDAR cameras and reality capture techniques, we create highly accurate digital twins of your property, location or space. These immersive visuals are not merely tours; they’re an indispensable tool for accelerating sales, enhancing project design, and optimising construction processes.

Event Showcase

Event Showcase

Create interactive 3D model of the event space, allowing planners and attendees to virtually explore the venue.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Oversee facility operations remotely, leveraging real-time AWS insights to decrease expenses, elevate productivity, and amplify return on investment.

Design & Construction

Design & Construction

Seamless integration with Procore and Autodesk to conserve time, minimise the need for physical site visits, and better team communication throughout your project.

Property Marketing

Property Marketing

Enhance trust among sellers and buyers through engaging 3D virtual tours, detailed floor plans, and high-quality photographs.
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Increase in sales.

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Decrease in time and travel cost.
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Reduction in project planning cost.

Transform Your Space

Discover the future of space management with Matterport. Begin your transformative journey with Boundless by capturing your space with precision and then elevating its potential through immersive data and analytics.

Step 1

Your Journey Begins with
a 3D Capture

Matterport technology generates a highly detailed and accurate digital twins of any physical space. By using sophisticated 3D scanning, it captures the essence and dimensions of an environment.​


Next Revolutionise Your Space with Immersive Analytics

Elevate your properties by transforming them into comprehensive data repositories. With detailed layouts, informative labels, precise measurements, and in-depth analytics, our advanced AI engine grants immediate access to powerful insights, revolutionising your interaction with spaces.​

Extend your reality

Elevate your capture with these features and more

Virtual Staging

Dress your empty space with 3D furniture

VR Tours

View your space in Virtual Reality headsets


Overlay additional information, media and links

Publish to Google

Allow others to explore your space on Google Streetview

Discover the Future

Don’t just read about what our 3D tours can offer when you can experience it for yourself… 
This is your invitation to step beyond the edge of innovation and see firsthand how our technology can transform the way you present, manage, and market your space. Try it out below. 

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