Mixed Reality (MR)

Blend the virtual and the real world in an immersive experience

Create a Hybrid Experience
that combines the best
of Both Worlds

Why settle for virtual (VR) or augmented (AR) reality when you can have both? Mixed Reality (MR) blurs the line between realities and makes real-world interactions accessible in a virtual world.

Experience immersive, fully three-dimensional digital content in the real world with the security of knowing your location and surroundings at any given moment. 

Use Cases


Remote Collaboration

Simulate a collaborative training environment where remote users can join in and participate in the same virtual environment as their local counterparts.

Real-Time Machine Monitoring

Use MR to interact with digital twins and virtual replicas of real machines and get real-time feedback on performing maintenance procedures, repairing and operating them more efficiently.

Interactive Product Design

Visualise and test the design of new products, experimenting with different materials and configurations without the need for physical prototypes. This can reduce design time and costs and improve the final product's quality.

Spatial Awareness

Create realistic simulations of complex environments, helping workers develop the skills to operate safely and efficiently in real-world scenarios.

Virtual Assistance

Provide your trainees with real-time feedback on their performance, guiding them through complex procedures and offering tips and suggestions for improvement.


MR Events 1

Interactive Exhibits

Create interactive exhibits that blend physical and digital elements seamlessly. Visitors can wear MR headsets to interact with virtual objects and animations overlaid on physical exhibits, creating an immersive and engaging experience.

Live Performance Enhancement

MR can be used to create holographic images of performers interacting with the physical stage, creating a unique and memorable experience for the audience.

Immersive Brand Activations

Allow visitors to experience a brand in a unique and engaging way. A car manufacturer can use MR to create an interactive showroom that lets visitors customise and visualise their virtual car models.

Interactive Tours

Use MR to create interactive tours of physical spaces, such as museums, galleries, or historic sites. 

MR Events 2

Shared Experiences


Architects and engineers can wear MR headsets to collaborate on building designs, allowing them to visualise and manipulate virtual models in a shared virtual environment.

Shared Gaming Experiences

Players can wear MR headsets to see and interact with virtual game elements in a shared physical space, creating a more immersive and engaging gaming experience.

Remote Collaboration

Remote employees can wear MR headsets to participate in virtual meetings or training sessions, allowing them to interact with colleagues and trainers more engaging and immersively.

Interactive Art Installations

Create interactive art installations that blend physical and virtual elements in a unique and engaging way. Visitors can wear MR headsets to interact with virtual elements overlaid on physical art installations.

Interactive Product Demonstrations

Customers can interact with virtual product models in a shared physical space, creating a more engaging and immersive product demonstration experience.

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