Broadcast Industry

The virtual worlds we create are just at home in a VR headset as they are on an LED wall in a broadcast studio.

The Challenges for the Broadcast Industry

Broadcasters must keep updated on new technologies to remain competitive as the industry is constantly evolving.

The number of channels and platforms available is fragmenting audiences, making more difficult for broadcasters to reach large audiences.

Advertising revenue is a major source of income for broadcasters, but this revenue is declining as advertisers shift their budgets to digital platforms.

Monetizing digital content, such as through subscription models or pay-per-view, can be challenging, particularly as viewers become more accustomed to free or low-cost content.

How can we help

Immersive Experiences

Extended Reality (XR) has the power to create immersive experiences for viewers, allowing them to interact with the content and engage more deeply with the programs that you broadcast.

Enhanced storytelling

Improve the engagement by allowing broadcasters to create interactive and immersive narratives, enhancing the storytelling experience.

Real-time data visualisation

Visualise real-time data, such as sports statistics or election results, in an engaging and interactive way.

Virtual sets

We can create virtual sets, allowing broadcasters to create immersive and visually stunning environments without the need for physical sets.

Remote production

Our XR solutions can enable remote productions, allowing broadcasters to produce content from remote locations and reduce costs associated with traditional production methods. 


XR technologies offers a new way to create advertising and sponsored content, allowing viewers to connect with advertisers in new and memorable ways.

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