We are Boundless.

Hello! We like to present to you Boundless. Learn how extended reality and CGI solutions can help you create immersive and realistic experiences and narratives to engage your audience and your workforce training.

Be Boundless

Be Boundless

Have you explored all realities? Do you need new ways to connect with your audience? Your training and simulation are effective enough?

At Boundless, we want to help you answer these questions. We create immersive virtual experiences using extended reality (XR) solutions and CGI to support your storytelling. This will enhance your value to your consumers and improve your workforce training. 

Research proves that virtual training is a more effective and engaging way to train your employees by giving them a fully immersive and interactive experience in a safe environment. We use the full potential of XR, developing solutions in VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality), 360º 3D Video and Digital Twins.

To accompany these technologies, we create beautiful landscapes using CGI, enhancing, even more, your experience in product demonstrations, virtual showrooms, interactive tours, and many other scenarios we can build from the ground up.

Trust our experienced team to help you leverage the full potential of XR and CGI and offer your clients and employees a new way to interact with each other and the world around them, more immersive and interactive than ever. 

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While designing and developing ground-shattering new realities, we always guide our endeavours by a set of clear principles that everyone understands.

Ahead of the Curve

We’re early adopters and serial beta testers. Our dedicated R&D team know what’s coming and tests new tech rigorously to ensure that only tools that can prove their value are added to our armoury.

Old Dog, New Tricks

Our years of experience in traditional instructional design across a wide range of sectors combined with our innovative, forward-thinking approach helps us maximise both engagement and results.


Technology should be built around the experience, never the other way around. We start at the end and work backwards to ensure the focus is always on maximising impact and ROI.

No-One Tricky Pony

We design, develop and deploy solutions in-house from conception to completion. We take care of everything from storyboards and 3D 360 video to real-time simulations and LMS integration.

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